Rating: R
Released: 1995
Budget: $52,000,000
Revenue: $110,400,000


No one stays at the top forever.

7.3/10 (243 votes)
R 2 hours 58 minutes

Master director Martin Scorsese depicts the sloping depth of a casino mafia boss’ fall. Filmed in a semi-documentary fashion; about the life of the gambling paradise Las Vegas and its dark mafia underbelly.

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Casino Photos

Casino Cast

Richard Riehle in Casino Charlie Clark
Richard Riehle
L.Q. Jones in Casino Pat Webb
L.Q. Jones
Robert De Niro in Casino Sam 'Ace' Rothstein
Robert De Niro
Sharon Stone in Casino Ginger McKenna
Sharon Stone
Joe Pesci in Casino Nicky Santoro
Joe Pesci
James Woods in Casino Lester Diamond
James Woods
Frank Vincent in Casino Frank Marino
Frank Vincent
Pasquale Cajano in Casino Remo Gaggi
Pasquale Cajano
Kevin Pollak in Casino Phillip Green
Kevin Pollak
Dick Smothers in Casino SĂ©nateur
Dick Smothers
Don Rickles in Casino Billy Sherbert
Don Rickles
Vinny Vella in Casino Artie Piscano
Vinny Vella
Alan King in Casino Andy Stone
Alan King
John Bloom in Casino Don Ward
John Bloom
Catherine Scorsese in Casino Mme Piscano
Catherine Scorsese
Oscar Goodman in Casino Oscar Goodman
Oscar Goodman
Nobu Matsuhisa in Casino Ichikawa
Nobu Matsuhisa
Nick Mazzola in Casino Black Jack-Groupier
Nick Mazzola

Casino Crew

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