The Vanishing

Rating: N/A
Released: 1993
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0

The Vanishing

If someone you loved mysteriously vanished how far out of your mind would you go to find them?

5.7/10 (15 votes)
1 hour 59 minutes

A young woman (Sandra Bullock) mysteriously disappears, sending her boyfriend Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) on a years-long quest to find her. Not even a new love (Nancy Travis) can keep him from his obsessive search. All the while, the calculating psychopath (Jeff Bridges) who kidnapped his girlfriend stalks Jeff, ultimately taking him through the exact same steps that led to the crime. In order to find out what happened, Jeff must put his own life in the hands of this devious stranger.

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The Vanishing Photos

The Vanishing Cast

Jeff Bridges in The Vanishing Barney Cousins
Jeff Bridges
Kiefer Sutherland in The Vanishing Jeff Harriman
Kiefer Sutherland
Sandra Bullock in The Vanishing Diane Shaver
Sandra Bullock
Nancy Travis in The Vanishing Rita Baker
Nancy Travis
Maggie Linderman in The Vanishing Denise Cousins
Maggie Linderman
Lisa Eichhorn in The Vanishing Helene Cousins
Lisa Eichhorn
George Hearn in The Vanishing Arthur Bernard
George Hearn
Lynn Hamilton in The Vanishing Miss Carmichael
Lynn Hamilton
Garrett Bennett in The Vanishing Cop at Gas Station
Garrett Bennett
George Catalano in The Vanishing Highway Cop
George Catalano
Frank Girardeau in The Vanishing Cop at Apartment
Frank Girardeau
Susan Barnes in The Vanishing Colleague
Susan Barnes

The Vanishing Crew

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